Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One of my favorite types of art are the kinds that can be witnessed while walking in a city, tucked away between the concrete and asphalt, steel and mortar. As mentioned in a previous edition of Tuesday Pictures, I really dig urban art that is done in an interesting and thought-provoking way, almost appearing as if it belongs in whatever setting it was placed in. One of, if not THE, best artists in the world at doing this goes by the name of Banksy.

One of the coolest aspects about Banksy is that very few people actually know who the man is. Very similiar to other famously unknown Euros, Daft Punk, Banksy keeps his identity hidden in order to allow his work to speak for itself. Well...that and what Banksy does is deemed illegal. Banksy relies on an urban canvas to portray his social idioisms, political snarks, and humorously ridiculous observations. In my opinion, the man is a genius.

Do yourself a favor and click on the pictures to enlarge them b/c the detail really needs to be seen to be understood. The first picture is ironic as it is graffiti depicting graffiti removal. Created in May 2008 at Leake Street in London, it was painted over in August 2008. The second picture is especially biting; it is a building in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, August 2008. The final picture is a naked man on the wall of a sexual health clinic in Park Street, Bristol. Fortunately, after public support, the City Council allowed it to remain.

These are only a (very) small sampling of Banksy's ability. Click here to learn more about him on Wikipedia (do it!) or click here to check out a sampling of more of his pieces. You can also just google his name in images to see more. Also, here is his website, which should definitely be checked out.

Finally, if you find yourself really enjoying his work, there is a film currently out, titled Exit Through the Gift Shop possibly done by Banksy, but definitely about him. Click here for a solid write-up about it that explains it, but does not give anything away.

How fitting for BP...

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