Friday, June 4, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. Although this was a short work week because of Memorial Day, I'm not sure that it felt like it. In any case, the weather outside is getting warmer (and more humid), the bugs are starting to come out, and the evenings are-a growin' a longa.

To celebrate the upcoming lazy days days of summer, I have come across a fitting band and type of music to play while you are lounging out in the grass somewhere, feeling the sweat trickle off of your glass and forehead.

Dr. Fox's Old Timey String Band is definitely one of, if not THE, greatest name for a band that I have ever heard. More perfect words for a band could not be chosen for the type of music that they perform. Hailing from Castlemaine, County Kerry in Ireland, hearing their music you would think these guys come straight from the bluegrass in Kentucky. According to a website called Puck Fair, Dr. Fox's Old Timey String Band plays "a mixture of Bluegrass, Old time and Americana, which combines a harmonic vocal mix reminiscent of early Guster with a loose freakfolk use of fiddle and banjo which most modern listeners associate with the Avett Brothers or Sufjan."

I couldn't possibly have said it better myself. Here is Dr. Fox's Old Timey Stringband's (that never stops being fun to type) cover of MGMT's Kids. Enjoy!


Since it's Friday, how about another song and MGMT cover? It's by Katy Perry (I know), but it's actually a cool cover. And it's not like she's rough on the eyes either...

Happy Friday!

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