Thursday, June 10, 2010

Does This Guy Get Laid?

Annnnnd, we are back with the next edition of Does This Guy Get Laid? For this edition, we have moved on to a new gentleman to drive the ladies wild. Or does he? That is up for you to decide!

Our latest contender hails from the vicinity, but clearly isn't doing himself any favors by hanging out with past Does This Guy Get Laid? members, as pictured below. [For the Record: last go-round's choice does in fact get laid. Either a "Congrats!" or "I'm sorry to hear that" is in order for the lucky lady/victim.]

Our latest hero or ottoman only goes out in public dressed as comical movie characters. While this contender is clearly intelligent, he only wears the clothing of feature film morons. Is this a ploy into disarming the Mensa members that he attempts to bed? Maybe. However, for all we know, he truly believes that he is currently starring in a movie of some sort. Just know that if any of you ladies out there decide to take a ride on this train, our subject will happily autograph any copy of Dumb & Dumber or The Hangover that you decide to bring along.

So...does this guy get laid?


  1. I would argue that the size of his beard is directly proportional to the amount he gets laid. The larger the beard the more he gets it wet.

  2. I'd fuck him. and Yes, Spencer is correct, it's all in the size of the beard.

  3. Further, maybe if you stopped hanging out with homeless guys, as in picture 1, it could help.


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