Friday, October 29, 2010

KXVO Pumpkin Dance

Simply Amazing.

Halloween and Music

Finally, Halloween is here! Well, the weekend, but I'm not going to be sitting in front of a computer to update this thing. I plan on having a great time and...I'm really not sure people still even read this. But, I digress.

I've put some more aggressive music than normal, but it's Halloween time! It should be creepy, unsettling, etc.

I hope you have a great Halloween, enjoy, have a great time. And, be you can.

Avenged Sevenfold - "Nightmare"

Dr Dre. feat. Hitman & Ms. Roq - "Murder

Marilyn Manson - This Is Halloween

Rob Zombie - Dragula

This is pretty funny

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gingers Have Souls!

Possibly debatable.

I'm sure the Hey Ginger kid would have something to say about this.

Eerie Black and White Photography

Halloween is creeping closer by the day. To stay in line with the ghost photos from yesterday, here are some random black and white photographs that I have come across.

Some of these photos are unnerving. Some are strange. Some are simply, "what the fuck?"

Either way, I can't stop looking at them and attempting to decipher what exactly was going on when these were taken.

Have a look yourself and leave any comments about what you think may or may not be going on.

There is something about a picture in black and white that makes it inherently more surreal. Anyway, on to the photos. As always, click to expand...if you dare!

The Nerdiest Thing You Will Ever See (Blizzcon)

Ha ha! Red Shirt guy at Blizzcon.

It literally is akin to speaking another language.

I think his virginity is secure for the next 10-15 years.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghost Photographs

Halloween is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, times of the year. I really enjoy the macabre, the crisp Fall air, and the high concentration of tricks and/or treats. Also, living here in Baltimore, it is one of the biggest nights of the year for bar patrons. I get such a kick out of the absurd nature that everyone walks around in costumes, as if it were normal, only but once a year. I could go on and on about the reasons that I love Halloween, but in reverance to brevity I love to be creeped out.

Halloween is one of the few times of the year that we, at least in the United States, embrace the supernatural. It couldn't make me happier. Here are some ghost or paranormal photographs for you to have a look at. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, they are still interesting to observe. Proceed at your own risk!

As always, click to expand.

The ghost photo to the left was taken by a total stranger. The two girls in shot were on their vacation in Eastwood City, MANILLA.

They had taken hundreds of photos on their travels. But did not expect to find a third friend in this one photo.

When asked about the mystery ghost in the picture both friends were adamant that there was no other person present for this picture.

Nothing was seen or felt at the time the picture was taken.

This image was caught on infrared film during a paranormal investigation at a Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, California, for the television series "That's Incredible."

The man seen leaning on the wall was not observed by the others present. High speed film shots taken at the same time as this one showed no trace of the leaning figure! This Toys 'R' Us has a long history of being haunted by a ghost called "John" and store workers are used to see strange things happening, such as objects moving on their own.

This photograph was taken by a friend of one of the workers with a camera phone. Adam was working for Koch Construction, a roofing outfit in Tremont, Illinois.

The story was told that the men were hired to roof the house by new owners. According to said story, an elderly woman had previously resided in the house, but had passed away nearly three months prior. The men had been working on the roof for two days and had seen no one there at any point during that time. While the photo looks fairly suspicious, apparently it comes from a reliable source.

This photo was taken at the Blackpool Waxworks in the UK. The strange thing is that the photo was taken at the coronation street exhibit (long running UK soap) it shows the face of who I think may be Ena Sharples who died in the 1980's and was one of the original main characters. Since researching her I found that she died in Blackpool and was buried there.

I have since sent the photo to the waxworks they are very interested in it and say that there would be nothing that could cause this face, i.e.... Reflection etc... - via Pauline Brannigan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This video piece by Chris Beckman is an amazing collaboration of other people's lives. It's a series of seemingly random videos all pieced together at a moment that they all share; the camera dropping while recording. The video was also a winner of the 2010 Vimeo Awards for Best Experimental Video.

I love this video. I found myself waiting, similiar to a horror movie when you know that something is riiiiiiiight about to happen, for the camera to drop. It was as equally enjoyable to see and realize where the camera was off to next and what the situation would entail.

Have a watch.

oops from Chris Beckman on Vimeo.

Here is the description of the video art:

Somewhere between a home-video mixtape and a postmodern travelogue, "oops"—a ten-minute art video composed entirely of appropriated YouTube videos, seamlessly stitched together via a motif of camera drops—serves both as transportative adventure and metaphorical elucidation of YouTube itself (i.e. endless related videos), exemplifying the Internet's infinite repository of "throwaway" social documentation. From suburbia to subterranea, the radically shuffling environs induce a vertiginous yet aesthetically contextual thread—a transcendent, reincarnating POV; our omnipresent Camera—by which, the nature of the ultra-verité videos, eschewing any filmic grounding, plunges the viewer into a relationship of fleeting immediacy w/ its many videographers: a self-portrait at arms length, the digital blur of an obscuring thumb, a disembodied narrating voice. This abstractly voyeuristic portrayal of an ever-filming generation (who won't let the transcendence of being in A Moment inhibit their document-everything impulse) presages a future where every instant of our existence, from the mundane to the sublime, is preserved and catalogued for all to see.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: "I'm Not a Witch"

I love that Chrisine O'Donnell had to come out and make a political ad to inform everyone that she is not a witch. She is you. The Gregory Brothers decided to help her out.

It's not as catchy as what they did with Antonine Dodson and the Bed Intruder song, but it's still good.

Sleeping Puppy & Drinking Lizard!'s not a cool band name.

Sleeping Puppy Makes Adorable Noises

I am curious what they dream about.

This Lizard Loves OJ!

...but he doesn't think he's innocent. Hey o!

People in Planes - Evil With You

Happy Friday, all. I'm pretty pumped for tonight to get a move on and get here already. Geeze.

Going to see Louis C.K. tonight, which I'm pretty pumped about.

Have you ever had one of those CD's that you have either downloaded or purchased and just not given it its fair shot? Maybe you liked only a song or two and never listened to the rest of the album...ya know, as the artist intended. Well, that's exactly what happened to me with the Welsh band, People in Planes, and their latest disc, Beyond the Horizon.

One of the (few) perks of my job is my ability to listen to anything I want to, pretty much all day. I only have so many songs on my iPhone, so at some point or another, I tend to get to everything on there. I've had People in Planes on here forever b/c I love their songs "Last Man Standing" and "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)," which is an older one, but still fantastic (Click the hyper links to listen). So, eventually, as I tend to click random songs, I came across their song "Evil With You" and was immediately pulled in. Possibly transfixed, even.

This song doesn't have an official video like the other two that I linked above. But, in my opinion, that's how I tend to distinguish a very solid album, as opposed to a bunch of songs thrown on a disc. The whole Beyond the Horizon disc is fantastic and very easy to listen to, but that's not to say that it isn't complex and wonderful. If you like their sound, please do some exploring and listen some more.

Have a great weekend.

*Bonus Trivia: The current name is derived from the band's obsession with travelling (flying in particular - this is also present in song titles and lyrics of their début album as Tetra Splendour)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Floor Plan

Click to Enlarge

The Rent Is Too Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan

This guy is seriously running for NY Governor.

Here is his introduction video:

And here is Mr. McMillan vs. Bloomberg's politics.

I can't get enough of this guy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Russian Police and a Pack of Wolves

You can skip to about the :50 mark.

Basically, a Russian police officer pulls a guy over and then wolves come running out.

I especially like the slow wolf

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chilean Miner Rescue - NES

Here is the real picture (click to expand):

Person L - The Pleasure is All Mine

Every morning, it becomes more noticeable that the Fall is slowly creeping towards the present. And, I consider it a present. I cannot wait until the leaves become a wonderful pallet covered in firey oranges, reds, and yellows. It also reminds me that one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner: Halloween.

I went back to Homecoming at my college this past weekend and it was fantastic. I went to school right outside of Pittsburgh and the Fall is always an awesome time up there. The Starting Line was one of my favorite bands back during that time and the lead singer, Kenny Vasoli, is part of a relatively new band called Person L. See how I connected all of my musings with Friday Music? Impressive, I know.

Here is a Person L song ("The Pleasure is All Mine") that I think mixes poppy funk and some rock really well together. Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stop Trying to Dance in the Street

Doing the Dougie in the middle of the road isn't a good idea.

Especially when you literally just walked to the road from a perfectly quiet street.

HIKAKIN Beatbox: Super Mario Bros

I can't believe I haven't heard of this guy before.


Cowboys Stadium Basketball Shot

Although I despise anything (I mean ANYTHING) related to the Dallas Cowboys, this basketball shot from the second highest tier of the stadium is pretty cool.

Check it out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bioluminescence in the Gippsland Lakes

I'm not even going to attempt to explain this as well as Phil Hart did here on his blog. However, this phenomena is too awe inspiring not to share. If you find this interesting, definitely click on the hyper link to get the whole story behind what exactly is going on here.

The Gippsland Lakes are a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons in east Gippsland, Victoria, Australia covering an area of about 600 km sq. The lakes were formed by two principal processes. The first is river delta alluvial deposition of sediment brought in by the rivers which flow into the lakes. The second process is the action of sea current in Bass Strait which created the Ninety Mile Beach and cut off the river deltas from the sea.

Long story short (again, check the hyperlink in the first paragraph for this amazing story), in the summer of 08/09, there were a series of fires, a low pressure system dumping over 100 mm of rain, and a 1 in a 100 year flood that resulted in ash and soil, rich in nitrogen and other nutrients, washing into the Gippsland Lakes. The rain and flood water also increased the leve of saline in the Lakes as the higher water level facilitated greater mixing with seawater at Lakes Entrance. This lead to concerns over an outbreak of blue-green algae.

Directly from Phil's blog:

Early analysis identified the cause of the green tinge as an algal outbreak of Synechococcus...In contrast to the widespread bright green of the Synechococcus, Noctiluca Scintillans was visible during the day as localised murky red patches, often building up on sections of shoreline facing the wind during the day. At night though, Noctiluca Scintillans produced a remarkable form of bioluminescence (popularly referred to as ‘phosphorescence’) – the water glowing brightly wherever there was movement – in the waves breaking on the shore, in ripples in the water and wherever people played in the water.

All of this, from Phil's experience, resulted in a "Blue Tide" (via

When plankton called dinoflagellates grow too numerous near shore, the single-celled algae can stain the water a reddish-brown, causing so-called red tides that are often toxic to people and fish alike. Certain dinoflagellates species also produce bioluminescence, and when night falls at the beach, the teeming algae can make the shallows glow an electric blue, as captured here by photographer Phil Hart in the Gippsland Lakes in southern Australia.Out at sea, dinoflagellates use bioluminescence as a sort of "burglar alarm": when disturbed, the plankton flash or light up, essentially creating a glowing trail that leads right to their assailant. This silent signal alerts predators higher up in the food chain about the dinoflagellates' nemesis. "[The burglar alarm] is a scream for help," Widder says. "The best chance you have when you're getting attacked is to attract something bigger than what is eating you."

Here are some of Phil's photos of this event. As always, click to expand:

If you want to see some more of these photos, here is a gallery from Phil

The Original Marty McFly


Katy Perry on Sesame Street

Well...I don't see how this would be appropriate for Sesame Street. But, at least she is only famous b/c she is an amazing musician. The only reason.

funny animated gif


So apparently this is actually a response to her being criticised about wearing, somewhat lowcut top on Sesame Street. SNL Clip. It's fairly funny, but at least she can make fun of herself.

Here's the original Sesame Street segment that was pulled. I really don't see anything wrong with this. Maya Rudolph said it best: "character also jokingly came to Katy’s defence saying: "Who cares if kids are looking at boobs, all right? Boobs feed babies"

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 Years at the Same Place


3 Years At The Same Place (english version) from Ramon on Vimeo.

Location: Paris / France

First shot: January 2007
Last Shot: September 2010

Number of images: 45.000

Camera : DSLR Pentax K 110D

Compositing & Editing:
After Effects / Avid Media Composer

Music #1: Motormouth by Lee Groves/Peter Marett

Music #2: from Danny the dog, Massive Attack "Montage"​​fr/​​album/​​danny-dog-soundtrack-from/​​id44342129

Hey Ginger

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jersey Shore: The Videogame!

This is amazing. And, yes...I would play this!

Up All Night

Happy Friday!

This album is sick, def check it out if you haven't yet.

Drake ft. Nicki Minaj "Up All Night"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zac Freeman - Junk Art

Zac Freeman collects junk, found objects and trash which he combines to create portraits. Up close, the pieces look like crap cobbled together; when viewed from afar, the work is quite compelling.

As always, click to expand.

For more, check out his website.

GIF Dump 1

Here are some funny ones

funny animated gif

funny animated gif

funny animated gif

funny animated gif

Julie Moss - 1982 Ironman in Hawaii

Ha, just watch.

(There is poo involved)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Neon Trees - Animal

Happy Friday, everyone. I know I have been slacking pretty heavily on the blog, only posting videos and whatnot. But, I'm not even sure if anyone is reading anyway and I get lazy with it at times.

Here is a good song that has been out for a while, but it's catchy, this day has been busy, and I can't wait to get out of here and enjoy my weekend.

Hope you have a nice weekend as well!

NBD: Never Been to Dallas

Ha, this video is hilarious. Stupid Dallas Fans.

Fancy a Gander?