Friday, July 16, 2010

she kissed my lips and quickly ran away

I love finding out about new music and new bands. I realize that I'm late to the Pandora party, but having begun using it fairly on the regular, it has shown me some new bands that I otherwise would never have heard. One of such bands is The Weeks.

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi (one of the first words I ever learned to spell), The Weeks sound very similiar to early Kings of Leon. I mean that in the best way. So far, I haven't heard any tracks resembling Use Somebody, which I place in the wretched pantheon of songs that I absolutely loathe from a band that I love. The Weeks craftfully blend southern rock with alternative tunes that absolutely get trapped inside your head. But, I'm not complaining that their song "Buttons" keeps rattling around up there.

Have a listen.

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