Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron and The World's Reaction

I'm sure everyone is very aware of the LeBronathon that has been going on all summer, which culminated in a ridiculous television special last night. Seriously, LeBron could have made a quiet announcement along the lines of Kevin Durant's extension. But, the man chose not to, and I can't entirely blame him. I personally don't know anyone that wasn't watching or anticipating where he was going to sign. My only problem with it was LeBron basically stabbed Cleveland in the back on national television. However, it was his choice. I don't think Dan Gilbert (Cavs' owner) is correct at all in writing an open letter to the fans. It's not that the act of writing a letter is a bad idea, but I don't think you should write a break-up letter in venom and pass it along to the world immediately after the fact. Sleep on it for a night, dude.

LeBron's decision really only impacts me as a basketball fan. I lived in Miami and it's a huge bandwagon city. I'm sure they are still partying over this decision, whenever it is that you're reading this. I have had thoughts about moving back and I would love to watch all three of these guys play. But, for me, it's truly only about entertainment and basketball. I understand that, in Cleveland, LeBron was more than just a player. He was a homegrown, local kid that everyone pinned (dumped) their hopes and dreams on at an early age. Maybe that's the problem here. In all fairness, LeBron didn't owe Cleveland anything. Sure they supported him, but he's a twenty-five year-old man that wants to win and appears to not harbor the focus or determination to do it himself, a la Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. And you know what? That's fine. LeBron still wants to win, but realizes that he needs help. He wants to go play with his friends. He's taking less money to do so. Charles Barkley stated that if he were twenty-five, he would go and do it himself. Really, Charles? That's why you don't have any rings. Cleveland missed the boat here. They should have surrounded him with better talent all along, instead of solely relying on LeBron to carry the load. He will have less on his shoulders in Miami, since that is Wade County, and maybe that's exactly what the man wants. I only fault him for leaving Cleveland, without a direct warning (people should have known - he rented out villas as the W Hotel for shit's sake to celebrate), but he could have at least gave fair warning and thanked them. However, that's not good television, and in this era, everything is about entertainment. In the end...he's a basketball player, not the savior of an entire economically depressed city. LeBron has done a ton of charitable work for the city, but he chose to move on. Cleveland should be grateful instead of being greedy.'s Cleveland, you're used to losing...everything.

The World's Reaction to LeBron's decision:

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