Friday, November 19, 2010

I Be On That / Fuck It All

This Friday's music comes from the mind of my new personal hero, Donald Glover. I'm sure you are more familiar with him by what he's done than who you think he is.

Donald Glover is an actor, writer, comedian, and (lastly) a musician. He's probably best known for his role on Community, which if you're not watching...well, then you are missing out. He has also written for 30 Rock. He started writing for the massively successful show at the ripe age of twenty-five. Excuse me while I look at what I've done with my life up until twenty-five.

Obviously I'm not putting Donald up for Friday's music because he is a great writer, actor, or comedian. He also raps under the name Childish Gambino. At first you may find this amusing, but he wanted a different name so that people wouldn't immediately think he is just joking around and so that he would be taken seriously. How did he arrive at this name? Well, by using the Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator, of course! Go ahead and Wu yourself.

His music is honest, straight-forward...and simply, disgustingly good. I am honestly surprised he is not more popular for his music than he is, but then's not like this is the only thing he is doing.

Here are my two favorite songs that he has on his album Culdesac, which you can download for free from his blog. Note: that's only the Childish Gambino blog. Here is Donald Glover's, which is fantastic.

This first song, "I Be On That," really shows his word play and how underrated of a rapper he is. I can't stop listening to this.

This second song, "Fuck It All," is one of the most honest songs that I have ever heard. I share many of the same concerns that he discusses.

The best thing? He just gives all of his music away for free because he loves doing it.

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