Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz Vomits Four Loko, for the Children

I like Four Loko. Ha, I think it's fun. But, I'm also an adult (most of the time) and able to know when to stop and not to pound a bunch of them and then drive a vehicle.


Despite a very public Four Loko crusade by Senator Chuck Schumer, the FDA, and even the White House, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz just didn't know whether kids really understood that Four Loko is bad for you. So he sacrificed his time, and his body, to prove how damaging it can be. With NBC News cameras recording it for posterity, and a doctor measuring his vital signs every fifteen minutes, Ortiz downed two and a half 23.5-ounce cans of Four Loko in one hour. The results? He was drunk, obviously! His blood pressure and heartbeat increased, and then he threw up (off camera, sadly). So now we know that drinking the equivalent of ten beers in an hour will mess you up. Thanks for the enlightenment, Assemblyman.

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