Friday, May 28, 2010

Michael Jordan's Moustache

Hanes has a new commerical out that features Michael Jordan and...some guy sitting on a plane discussing various topics (Click on "Hanes" if you want to actually watch them). I presume that these commercials are supposed to be witty and humorous as we watch Mike sit and listen to this guy. In reality, they should have just named this series of commercials "Michael Jordan's paycheck." However, I find myself severly distracted while trying to watch these commercials. Why, you ask? Well...take a look at Air Jordan's upper lip. Still don't see it?

Here let me help:

Either Mike is a huge Charlie Chaplin fan or he has decided to take a huge leap in the mustache world. The mustache rules are not allowed to be published, for obvious reasons, but those brave men that choose to rock the 'stache don't generally choose to look like Hitler. I understand that Hitler's mustache didn't personally have anything to do with his atrocious and monstrous behavior, but pretty much anything that reminds people of Hitler is off-limits. I can't believe that no one at Hanes had a problem with this. Also, let's be frank here for a moment. The Hitler 'stach hasn't exactly caught on. And you know why? Because it looks fucking silly. It looks like you and your razor got tired fighting towards the middle of your lip and just decided to give up.

I know Mike isn't one to give up. But, in this case...maybe let this one go, MJ. You look ridiculous.

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