Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Music

Happy Friday and early Memorial Day, everyone. Anytime we get an extra day of weekend, I am on board. I assume that we will all be handling the BBQ's, beach, drinking, and outdoor festivities. In my opinion, music makes all of these all the better. For this Friday's music, I have decided to go with a relatively (for me at least) new band called Passion Pit. This is my favorite song that I have heard from them so far, called "The Reeling" and it makes me want to cut a rug and/or dance right out of my shoes. Plus, the video is pretty rad.

Passion Pit hails from Boston and have been gaining considerable momentum recently, akin to the internet buzz of MGMT or Kings of Leon in the past. I really love the psychedelic groves and tones as they marry with lead singer, Michael Angelakos’ smooth falsetto.

Passion Pit is coming into town and playing at Ram's Head on June 2nd. However, the show is already sold-out along with their 9:30 Club performance. They're only going to get bigger as a band, so try and check them out now before ticket prices climb.

Here is their song, "The Reeling." The chorus: "Look at me, oh look at me, is this the way I’ll always be, oh nooooo, oh nooooo!" is infectious (try and keep it out of your head) and something I'm sure we can all relate to. Have a listen.


  1. I was back home over Mother's Day a few weeks back and a friend recommend MGMT to me. First time I'd ever heard of them. Since then, I've heard of them at least a half dozen times. I'm pretty sure it's a sign of something, but I have no idea what that something is.

  2. Ha, that happens to me a fair amount with some music. MGMT's new disc is But, try and not find yourself groovin to Electric Feel.


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