Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is That Dog...a Tiger? Those Crazy Chinese!

China has granted us many a craze over here in the States: anime, video games, yellow fever, and delicious food among others. But, not every idea can be a winner nor am I entirely sure that I want to see this new fad take off. The latest out of China has dogs being dyed to look like other animals.

The idea of dog dyeing isn't exactly new in the land of Yao Ming. Stories began coming out in the last few years about a new trend in China in which people had their dogs dyed in multicolored, neon patterns. Frankly, this was strange enough for me, but some pet owners decided to take things up a notch. You want a pet tiger or panda, but have concerns about their natural wild animal instincts? Well, China has a solution for you!

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I have to admit, the puppys that look like pandas are clearly adorable. And, let's be honest, this isn't the worst thing that China does to dogs. However, I do have concerns about lead-based paint being used, which could easily seep in through the skin or mouth. Also, in terms of a more abstract thought, I have concerns over the dog's psyche b/c let's face it, this is absolutely ridiculous. But, it's not like China has cornered the market on people doing things to embarass their dogs.

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