Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am soaking wet.

This extends to my physical appearance (as it is pouring) and my mental state of being. I feel that I have a millions thoughts and desires swimming in my head at any given moment...and I'm not entirely sure what to do with them. I come up with good ideas, or at least I think so, and then I'll take a few steps forward until I see something shiny and sit down to think about it.

I have started a new tradition of escaping the various levels of Dante-ian Hell that is my job. Through word of mouth, I found a quiet quarry that I can visit. I bring a book to read as it affords me time to take a brief vacation. This will all tie together.

I finished my first book (I own it, I didn't write it...actually, I borrowed it) yesterday. It was by Augusten Burroghs. It was called Dry. It was fantastic.

I drove back from the quarry just now with a clear focus of what I wanted to write. It's possible I was up from the coffee, but who knows. It also doesn't help when I sit and actually try and focus and I'm interrupted by the mundane chatter bred in cubicles, but I am at work and getting paid to be here. Anyway, I had planned to write more about Dry but now I lost track of where I was going to go with it. Maybe another time.

I just started reading Chuck Klosterman's Killing Yourself to Live and I couldn't be more excited to see where this takes me. So far I love it. But his writing style is really what's important b/c I feel that I have found an author that has a voice that I can really get into. It has awoken something within me b/c I have always wanted to write and it's been dormant for more days than I can count at this point.

This brings me to my point (I think). I have been using this blog as an excuse to waste time because I'm not happy with what I'm doing with my life right now. I'll throw up various interesting tidbits that other people have found on the internet in some hope that it will be interesting enough to someone else to drive up my hits. Hits for what? I'm not sure. I'm an internet middleman; a content smut peddler. The funny thing is that I'm not even that good at it. But, I consider that a good thing now. The main theme of Dry was that nobody has to be stuck with the life they have if they don't like it. It is possible to make very dramatic changes and it can all turn out ok. Maybe this is the start. This is the start...for me. I'm excited to see..

Hopefully this will help me dry off.

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